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Antiquities: The Ageless Asset
Submitted By Mary Clemente

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Antiquities: The Ageless Asset

The 2008 collapse of the United States financial institutions and the recent economic events around the world have sent investors scrambling for smarter and safer ways in which to store and grow their capital. The common questions being asked are “What is good?” and “Where to now?” These questions could be answered, however, by taking a step back in history. 

The market for antiquities has been explored by some of the most legendary financial wizards, such as: J.P.Morgan, Leon Levy, Michael Steinhardt, and Christian Levett. The focus on antiquities has spread around the globe with collectors coming from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, India, and China. Gregory Demirjian of Ariadne Galleries sees this type of response as reasonable and anticipated: "Antiquities and ancient art are not only hard assets whose value has never been victim to speculator-led bubbles, they are important cultural and artistic creations."

Those looking to make quality investments have found that the antiquities market is providing them with a stable market that has generated consistent appreciation in value over time. Some private collections are now becoming part of private museums, such as that of Christian Levett’s Mougins Museum of Classical Art and other national Museums, such as those in Abu Dhabi and Qatar, not to mention the enormous Chinese efforts to reclaim old collections. Mr. Demirjian believes that “unlike contemporary art, there is no hot and cold euphoria but instead, a very stable and consistent appreciation of values.”

Ariadne Galleries is one of a handful of galleries that specializes in ancient art ranging from the dawn of civilization to the Middle Ages. "We help build collections for museums and private collectors around the world. These are works of art that truly stand the test of time, and through the good and bad periods are stable investments that you can be proud to own, enjoy, and share” added Mr. Demirjian.

In economically trying periods like the one we are experiencing now, it is good to know that financial safe havens can be found in objects of great beauty and universal appeal.


NetNet with John Carney

Published: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011 | 5:29 PM ET

By: John Carney
Senior Editor,

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So this guy from (let's say) Morgan Stanley walks into a bar.

He orders drink after drink. Downs a dozen or so high-quality glasses of Scotch. Does a few shots of tequila. Maybe grabs a beer at the end of the night.
The bar manager sees the condition the guy is in, takes a look at his tab. Sees the total amount of drinks he’s been served. Grabs the bartender aside and asks him a question.
“Bartender Ben, how many drinks did you serve that guy?”
“Just one,” Bartender Ben says.
“Ben! Be straight with me. I’m looking at his tab. Scotches. Shots of Jurado Tequila. A pint of Six Point. You served him a lot more than one drink,” the manager says.

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Brad Schaeffer on GBTV book list

Brad Schaeffer, author of “Hummel’s Cross” meets with Glenn Beck on GBTV and talks Inflation

Glenn Beck talks to guest Brad Schaeffer, author of “Hummel’s Cross” about inflation of Food, Gas and iPad’s? They also discussed the Federal Reserve roll in suppressing the appearance of inflation but just look at Peanut Butter as an example. Is this the coming Collapse of America? He is the co-founder and C.E.O. of INFA Energy Brokers, LLC, as well as founder and principal investor in Occam Capital Management, LLC. He also writes for various blog/new sites such as Andrew Breitbart’s news sites, CNBC NetNet, and his views have been cited in the New York Times, LA Times and Christian Science Monitor.

He also wrote the book Hummel’s Cross. “German-born Erich Hummel, a retired concert pianist who has lived in London since the end of World War II, receives a mysterious visitor to his flat. An American reporter has traveled across the Atlantic to question him about his other life…not the life of a musician but rather his days as a deadly Luftwaffe fighter pilot in the violent skies over Europe where the life expectancy of a German flier by war’s end was measured in hours…A history of the great cataclysm of the 20th Century that engulfed an entire continent. One in which millions of innocents perished simply because of who they were. Yet some survived due to the courage of those whose compassion ultimately overcame their fears.” (


INFA CEO on Glenn Beck

Brad Schaeffer, CEO of INFA Energy Brokers, LLC on Glenn Beck TV. Schaeffer defends Beck's
views on gold and the dangers of inflation.
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'Dr. Doom' throws party, enjoys life

"Dr. Doom," NYU professor Nouriel Roubini, throws party in East Village apartment.
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Petra Nemcova on Follow the Money

Petra Nemcova, Supermodel, on Fox Business - Follow the Money.
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INFA CEO on Follow the Money

Brad Schaeffer, CEO of INFA Energy Brokers, LLC on Fox Business - Follow the Money.
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